Naturally Faceted Garnet

Naturally Faceted Garnet


Garnet balances the mind, body, and emotions, bringing the heart into alignment. It helps discard old and unhealthy thought patterns and encourages new opportunities for abundance and vitality. It is helpful in dire circumstances, stimulating courage, hope, and the survival instinct. Opening up the heart, it inspires love and devotion, as well as bestowing self confidence and self expression.  

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This naturally faceted garnet has hand polished edges and measures 1.25" long x 1.25." wide x 1” tall and weighs 36 grams! You will receive this exact item. It comes cleansed, charged, and ready for healing!

Each specimen has been hand picked by us from a variety of reputable and trusted crystal and mineral vendors. Every stone comes with information about your crystal and how to charge and cleanse them. More importantly, all orders come with a set of complementary crystals specially selected for YOU!

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