Green Tourmaline Cluster

Green Tourmaline Cluster


Green tourmaline soothes and encourages the heart chakra to open and expand into a state of unconditional love, stimulating a particular appreciation of the beauty in nature. Green, the color of growth and expansion, is associated with the heart chakra. Tourmalines in general are a protective stone that shield the aura from negative energies and influences. Changing negative and overactive thought patterns into positive ones, tourmaline attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance, and prosperity.

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This green tourmaline and quartz cluster measures 2" long x 1.5" wide x 1" tall and weighs 56 grams! You will receive this exact item. It comes cleansed, charged, and ready for healing!

Each specimen has been hand picked by us from a variety of reputable and trusted crystal and mineral vendors. Every stone comes with information about your crystal and how to charge and cleanse them. More importantly, all orders come with a set of complementary crystals specially selected for YOU!

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