This little love box has everything you need to soothe your heart and elevate yourself with the vibration of unconditional L-O-V-E!!!

Our Anahata essential oil blend soothes the heart chakra — stimulating emotional acceptance, feelings of stability, and (self) love love love. There are even little pieces of rose quartz in the blend to raise its vibration even more! Ingredients: rose quartz, fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of neroli, jasmine, ylang ylang, pure sandalwood

The love box also includes a rough chunk of rose quartz for its pure vibrations and assurance that love flows into us and emanates out from us + a rough chunk of green aventurine to neutralize powerful negative emotions and thought processes — replacing them with gratitude + optimism and the ability to see new solutions / approaches to the things that spark negativity in us. It also grounds electromagnetic stress (think wifi smog)! These powerful healers are a perfect duo for the aching or overworked heart!

For a little emotional cleansing + clearing of unwanted, stagnant energy we’ve included sage + selenite as well. Burning sage emits negative ions which neutralize negative energy, inviting in the fresh and positive vibrations. Selenite is known as the cleansing mineral and you can read all about it on our blog here

more info on our chakra blends as well as our sage and smaller selenite wands !! we don’t have more of these raw chunks but we offer rose quartz and aventurine rings!

There are only NINE of these kits available so get em while they’re hot!!! Domestic shipping is free and we include info about each item in the box!

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