Manifestation Mist

Manifestation Mist

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Manifestation Mist is a high vibration essense of herkimer diamonds in water infused in a copper vessel under the full moon during the vernal equinox on March 20th, 2019.

This mist was created with intention to amplify your manifesting abilities! Herkimer diamonds are an extremely high vibration stone that attune to the needs of their user. They focus on amplifying your best qualities which in turn attracts compatible opportunities and people into your life. It is a stone of synchronicity, of magic, and of achieving the things you desire.

In my opinion, the most important part you can play in manifestation (after identifying and asking for what you’d like to call in) is actually believing you have already manifested it. To visualize yourself having achieved these things, you are acknowledging that you are worthy and that you deserve everything you desire. Spray a little Manifestation Mist and ask the universe to make your dreams a reality!

This fine mist spray is unscented and safe to spray on your skin, your clothes, your intention lists, your plants, and all around your space. Includes one herkimer diamond used in the making of this small batch of 13 and water infused with the energy of the full moon.

2 ounces
best if used by 9/20/19
external use only

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This item is ready to ship and comes with a writeup about its intention. All orders come with a set of complementary crystals specially selected for YOU!!!

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