Raw Emerald

Raw Emerald


Emerald is directly associated with the heart chakra and stimulates love in its most pure forms of expression by balancing and purifying the emotions. It is said to enhance wisdom and inner knowing – in turn enhancing the love and integrity of a relationship. Emerald encourages domestic bliss, loyalty, unity, unconditional love, and partnership. It also allows for clear and pure expression of ones feelings.

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This raw emerald measures 2.75" long x 2." wide x 1.5" tall and weighs 119 grams! You will receive this exact item. It comes cleansed, charged, and ready for healing!

Each specimen has been hand picked by us from a variety of reputable and trusted crystal and mineral vendors. Every stone comes with information about your crystal and how to charge and cleanse them. More importantly, all orders come with a set of complementary crystals specially selected for YOU!

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