All Around Nurturing With A Side of Heart Healing - Jasper, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Selenite

All Around Nurturing With A Side of Heart Healing - Jasper, Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Selenite


These sets of stones have been intuitively picked by me with influence from my knowledge of and experience with the energy of our mineral allies. In addition to the stone properties card that comes with all orders, you will receive a special note written for you after your order has been placed. Please reach out for more information on our stone sets or to have one created custom for you!! This set includes a selenite wand, an orbicular jasper cluster, a flashy rose quartz, and an aventurine specimen!
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Selenite is a powerful conductor of energy and acts as a cleanser that clears away physical and emotional toxins and negative mental patterns. It facilitates the flow of high frequency energy to permeate all the chakra centers, aligning them with spiritual purpose. When placed in the home it maintains a positive energy in the space and eliminates negative energies and influences that may attach themselves to you. It is a stone that never needs cleansing and is able to cleanse other stones by being in their vicinity. Do not get selenite wet as it will deteriorate and lose some shine.

Jasper is a powerful nurturing, cleansing, and healing stone — working gently but effectively to clear physical and psychic impurities from the body and mind. It brings joy, expansion, renewed interests, and free flowing creativity by reducing stress and soothing the nervous system. Jasper is a highly centering and grounding stone, promoting self expression and self confidence. It is also protective, absorbing negative energy, it balances yin and yang and aligns the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Aventurine is effective at balancing and opening up the heart chakra, clearing away negative emotions and soothing powerful negative feelings like anger and rage. Stabilizing the mind, aventurine allows you to recognize alternatives and new possibilities and encourages you to establish what makes you happy and unhappy. It calms the heart, the body, and the mind creating an emotional harmony that promotes the expression of gratitude, hope, and optimism. Aventurine is an extremely effective stone for neutralizing and eliminating electromagnetic stress from the aura.

Rose Quartz is directly linked with the heart chakra but it can be used on any part of the body where the powerfully healing energy of love is needed. It attunes to the user and balances issues of love including self love, love given, and love received. Holding and meditating with rose quartz is an effective way to soothe and regulate emotional stress. It eases anxiety and fear, bringing the warmth of compassion and unconditional love to the energy field. Rose Quartz also awakens an appreciation of the beauty in all things.

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Stone specifics:
Selenite – 27 grams – 3 x .5 x .5“
Jasper – 52 grams – 1.5 x 1.25 x 1”
Aventurine – 22 grams – 1.25 x .75 x 1”
Rose Quartz – 35 grams – 2 x 1 x 1.5”

Each specimen has been hand picked by us from a variety of reputable and trusted crystal and mineral vendors. Every order comes with information about your crystal and how to charge and cleanse them. More importantly, all orders come with a set of complementary crystals specially selected for YOU!

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