The Cyprus Cabinet was founded at the start of 2016 by daughter-mother duo Madison and Adrienne McKenna. All jewelry is currently designed and crafted by me (Madison) in my home studio in Central MA but you can find Adrienne with me at most markets!

Creating each piece slowly and intentionally, our objective is to harness and unite the natural healing benefits and metaphysical properties of recycled copper and hand selected minerals. We are always working with our best intentions to create pieces that help manifest a practice of self-care and healing as well as elevated consciousness and awareness in the wearer. 

Each piece by The Cyprus Cabinet is one of a kind and has been made either by our hands or by nature.


If you have ANY unanswered questions, please reach out! We are always open to custom requests, fun opportunities, and wholesale / consignment inquiries!


We accept returns and exchanges up to 14 days of receiving your items. Please email us and initiate the process within that time.

Copper and crystals have been used since antiquity for their naturally occurring healing properties. Copper is one of the oldest metal ores and is known to treat headaches, arthritis, joint pain, and zinc deficiency through contact with the skin. The body uses copper for proper bone, nervous system, joint, and circulatory system health. Copper is also antimicrobial and can be used to purify water for consumption. Crystals are believed to store and transmit energy to the wearer and can be used for mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.

Artifacts by The Cyprus Cabinet are the product of the process of electroforming, which involves displacing copper ions from an anode onto the jewelry itself in a bath of electricity and acid. This creates a copper “skin” around the stone, ion by ion, over a period of 6-12 hours with the pieces taking up to a 3 or 4 days start to finish. Each piece is truly one of a kind and holds intentions to bring healing energy to the person it adorns.

Our jewelry comes polished with a clear, acid free, pH neutral renaissance wax coating to seal the patina of the copper. This coating can wear off and can be reapplied at any time. Use a very small amount and polish the piece with a soft cloth. If you think your piece is starting to tarnish, you can gently buff it to the way you like it with steel wool or the abrasive side of your kitchen sponge. You can also use a polishing pad designed to remove tarnish from jewelry for a high shine. Follow up with a coat of renaissance wax. If you wear your jewelry often and keep your hands clean, your skin oils will naturally shine the copper. 

Due to the process of oxidation, it is possible that copper may turn you green (primarily with rings due to the contact with your skin). Copper reacts with oxygen and when mixed with your sweat and skin oils, a layer of green copper carbonate is formed that can be removed with soap and water. This does not signify an allergy to copper! To prevent copper from turning you green, the #1 key is to keep it clean!!

If you turn green constantly, that means your body’s pH could be acidic. This makes you more susceptible to illness and disease. Some simple ways to neutralize an acidic pH include drinking more water, eating alkalizing foods like fruits/veggies, decreasing intake of processed foods and sugars. 

In order to maximize the healing benefits from your stones, it is important to cleanse, charge, and set intentions. There are many ways to go about this – my method is to run the jewelry and stones under water then dry and place in a special spot. Then I smoke cleanse the stones and the area with incense, palo santo, or sage smoke while assigning a purpose or intention for the stone to represent and focus its energy towards. The smudging clears negative energies and encourages the flow of new and positive energy. To further amplify the healing power of your stones, leave them in the sun to charge up. When using stones for healing, it is important to get to know them and to pay attention to how they work with your energy field. Everyone is unique and has a different experience perceiving and working with energies!