The leaves are turning already and that orange energy is everywhere. I baked my first apple pie before the sunflowers even bloomed back in September. Summer used to be my favorite time of year as a kid but as I age it’s the taste of the crisp days that I look forward to. When the market schedule isn’t as crazy and I get to stay closer to home and plan for the holidays and the slow months that follow. It is when my fire burns brightest and I take on a little bit more than usual. Sometimes stoking a fire too big has its setbacks and waves of fear, doubt, and uncertainty of the coming months will crash over me every once in a while (meaning every few days if I am being honest). You can be confident and sure of your path and still get caught in these spirals because the emotional healing is never done and our pains of the past are always with us (if you let them be).

I like to call aragonite the stone of general wellbeing because it brings a harmonizing and centering vibration that I think everyone could use a little more of. It clears, cleanses, and balances all of the chakras and your auric field with its soothing yet stimulating energy. The orange star clusters from Morocco are known to radiate out in all directions creating a “web of light” that illuminates the emotional and spiritual work you have to do to get where you want to be.


In times of chaos where it seems there is too much going on for you to possibly handle, aragonite works to remind you that you have the power to take on everything in your path. Often, it is trauma and unworked tensions from the past that hinder us and stop you right in your tracks. Aragonite has a powerful way of opening you up to this inner hurt, buried emotion, and suppressed events that shape the way you are able to take on the world around you. It lets you remember, understand, and essentially re-work through your traumas so that you can come out of it more prepared for what lies ahead — without as much weight of the past. This is not a slow process and for some it will go on forever, but showing up and leaning into the possibility of letting go allows you to make space for everything good that is coming your way.

Aragonite helps you realize that the most harmonious and aligned energy that exists is love and that attuning yourself with it is the most powerful thing you can do for your emotional growth and general self healing. Once some of your pain has been overcome and there is room for something more, you will become a conduit for the vibration of unconditional love and compassion and emanate it outwards to everything and anything around you. Love is a powerful and magnetic energy capable of bringing manifestation and serious spiritual growth. By letting go of the things that hurt you, you make room to call in everything that your heart needs. It is a magical sentiment and I promise that doing the work actually works. Spiritual and emotional growth is a slow and personal journey but remember that everyone is (or should be) doing it and that you’re only making things better and easier on yourself going forward.

The orange specimens resonate well with all chakras but I think they are partial to soothing the sacral area. I have been using aragonite star clusters for my period cramps for over a year and I am pretty dead set on believing it works. I have a set of two that I keep in my pockets or on my ovaries if I am laying down and it brings a soothing releasing energy to the area.


Orange aragonite seems to be closer linked with the fears, insecurities, and self doubts of the sacral chakra. The purple and red specimens from Spain (in the photos below) are known to be the most powerful form of aragonite because they stimulate the third eye and crown chakras to align you with etheric energies bigger than yourself to help you do this spiritual healing that all aragonite invites in. Gray / green aragonite also forms in Spain but it is the purple hues with the power.

Spanish aragonite increases your sensitivity to all living things and is also known to increase the connection between humans and subtle energies. It can actually be quite stimulating as you become in tune with the little ripples of the day to day — the synchronicity and the magic behind the scenes of life. Instead of working from the root chakra up, this stone starts from the crown down working to pull in divine energy, insights, and information for you to embody here on this plane. It is a peaceful and almost reassuring energy reminding us of the potential in the unknown and the memories of the future.

These purple aragonite are pulling powerful flows of life force into the user to stimulate an understanding that everything is everything and that fear based responses create a ripple effect that we do not want to see continue. It puts things in perspective and really wants to integrate you with a divine plan fueled by love and compassion instead of fear and doubt.


key words: wellbeing | release | balance

when you might want some aragonite handy:

  • when everything feels like chaos and you don’t think you can handle it

  • if you want to become consciously aware of your own imbalances

  • to increase vitality, stamina, confidence

  • if you are looking to connect to higher planes of consciousness

  • if you are looking to tap into your inner self and past traumas / buried emotions

  • when you feel out of balance and need harmony restored to your system

  • for anyone doing energy work the star clusters make a perfect releasing and harmonizing tool placing a piece on each of the chakras

Every day I like to address my collection and see if anything jumps out at me — if something does then I like to take a moment to think about its properties (often I refer to my crystal books or even a quick google is helpful). When I am able to resonate with the properties of a stone that has caught my attention, I am in tune with its energy and it is in tune with mine. This practice also helps you grow your working knowledge of the stones!! There is so much to it and it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you take it day by day, crystal by crystal, it comes to you.

Thank you for tuning in to Mineral Monday! If you have any preferences on stones I should write about next or any general blog content you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to reach out to hello@thecypruscabinet.com