Welcome to our very first blog post as well as our first mineral Monday! This is something I have wanted to work on for actual years. Anyone who has met us in person has likely listened to me talk on and on about the stones and their properties but I wanted to create more of a resource for you! Every other week I will be doing a little feature on some of our favorite crystals + minerals based on my personal experience and knowledge gained about these earth allies that I’ve gathered in the past four years!


Selenite is a powerful conductor of energy and acts as a cleanser that clears away physical and emotional toxins and helps loosen your grip on negative mental patterns. It facilitates the flow of high frequency energy to permeate all the chakras — bringing them back into alignment and leaving you with a calming sense of clarity. When I find myself overwhelmed, anxious, or frustrated I love to sit quietly with a piece of selenite between my hands or on my heart. It doesn’t have to be a whole thing — just a few deep breaths will do. Just keep at it long enough to feel that rush of white light come over you (if you let it).

When placed in the home, selenite maintains a positive vibration in the space and eliminates negative energies and influences that may attach themselves to you. It is a stone that never needs cleansing and is able to cleanse other stones just by being in their vicinity!! How amazing!? Since selenite is always pulling in that clear high vibration energy, it is often used when making crystal grids to manifest anything the heart desires. In the photo above I have it surrounding the whole area in its raw wand-like form as well as a polished sphere in the center as a generator — amplifying from the inside out and bringing the energy of the other stones into a perfect balance focused towards my intentions. One tip I have is to not get selenite wet — it is a very soft mineral and the shine on polished pieces can be dulled with water.


key words: cleansing | purifying | amplifying | balancing

when you might want some selenite around:

  • if you are feeling emotionally or spiritually blocked or unbalanced

  • if you are overly sensitive!! to anything!!! other peoples emotions, electromagnetic stress (think wifi smog), etc.

  • keep selenite near your bed or even under your pillow if you experience nightmares or even interrupted sleep due to overactivity of the mind

  • holding selenite during meditation activates the crown chakra and allows for a strong connection to the higher self and to ones spirit guides

  • after working with other people’s energies to keep your own energy clear and free of any negative influence from others! this can even mean after talking to a really sad or stressed out friend. emotions are contagious!

  • if you find yourself connected to the supernatural realms its good to keep selenite around to protect you from ghosts, demons, and anything trying to influence you negatively

  • I like to keep a little piece of selenite on top of the door jam at the entrance to all my spaces. It’s a nice way to give yourself a little energy shower when you come in from the outside world

  • I did say not to get selenite wet BUT I enjoy having a designated piece of bath selenite to purify the energy of the water, helping it melt the negativity right off of me!

    any time is a good time to hold a crystal — just allow your intuition to lead the way! thanks for reading our first mineral monday post! cheers to many more! If there is a stone you’d love to see featured please let me know because I have too many favorites and decisions are hard for a leo!

one last thing — get your own selenite wands here