Welcome back to our (delayed) second iteration of Mineral Monday! I am here to tell you about a stone that was actually my catalyst and my courage for saying goodbye to a long term relationship, job, and lease that just were no longer serving me. Within a few months, The Cyprus Cabinet had come to fruition and I had sold my first piece of jewelry (to my grandmother nonetheless).

Carnelian simultaneously stabilizes and energizes the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras — activating the flow of life force, security, confidence, assertion, and raw creative expression. These chakras are essentially what makes us “us” in terms of our hopes, fears, desires, and passions. It is important to keep things active and not stagnant in this space, otherwise one may lose sense of their direction, their passion, or even their purpose.

This stone throws fuel on your inner flame and transforms the gentlest soul and the cowardiest lion into a fearless and motivated light source ruled by passion and action (if you let it)! Carnelian has a way of helping you learn to trust yourself and trust that at the end of the day, the universe has your back through it all. In life it is important to take risks and shatter comfort zones in the name of honoring your path to becoming your truest self. Your hopes and dreams are yours for a reason. Don’t sit back and allow your flame to dim. Find the oxygen that ignites you.


Ultimately, carnelian provides you with everything you need to express yourself truly and freely without any shame or restraint. Through this confident energy you will be putting out — you may be rewarded with growth, success, and opportunity. Ask the universe for what you want and show it that you are doing the work. Trust me. It listens.

key words: vitality | courage | action | creativity

when you might want some carnelian handy:

  • before a big test, job interview, first date…. anything nerve wracking and new!!

  • when you feel lethargic and unmotivated

  • if you are experiencing a creative block it is fantastic for breakthroughs and stimulating inspiration!

  • when you are starting a new project or journeying into uncharted territories (literally, physically, and metaphorically)

  • if you are feeling down on yourself or insecure it helps boost your inner flame

  • when you feel yourself lacking passion it can activate the lower chakras and help gain some clarity on what it is that you need to do about it

  • if you need to make a big decision or are making a drastic change in your life

    Every day I like to address my collection and see if anything jumps out at me — if something does then I like to take a moment to think about its properties (often I refer to my crystal books or even a quick google is helpful). When I am able to resonate with the properties of a stone that has caught my attention, I am in tune with its energy and it is in tune with mine. This practice also helps you grow your working knowledge of the stones!! There is so much to it and it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you take it day by day, crystal by crystal, it comes to you.

    Thank you for tuning in to our second ever Mineral Monday! If you have any preferences on stones I should write about next or any general blog content you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to reach out to thecypruscabinet@gmail.com

one last thing — get your own carnelian here