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Alas! Our third Mineral Monday is here and I have finally settled on a timeframe that feels right to me — from now on the FIRST Monday of every month we will release information about one of our favorite stones! It is always so hard to choose but I have been letting my personal collection guide me. Usually one specific piece will capture my attention over and over again throughout the course of a few days or even a week before I realize OH! and then I start planning the next post! So far it has felt organic and not *too* much pressure and I hope to be adding all different types of posts in due time. This time around, I was drawn in repeatedly by two Herkimer diamonds my partner and I dug out of the earth on my birthday this year. Very excited to share about this magic mineral because it is my all time favorite.

Herkimer diamonds are a very high grade of quartz that has isometric sides, deeming it a diamond – geometrically speaking based on its crystalline structure. They were first discovered in Herkimer, NY though they can now be found in a few different locations across the world. Every Herkimer diamond we use in our work has come straight from Herkimer County, New York – often straight from the miners themselves.

They hold the energy amplifying and cleansing properties of clear quartz but they are much more powerful. They attune to the needs of their user – activating the third eye and crown chakras. It is a stone of clarity and heightened inner vision encouraging you to recognize blockages and areas that need work – which promotes spiritual growth. This also enhances intuition and your awareness of your own spiritual energy within your body. It is a stone of action, certainty, and spontaneity.

Once you have done the work and cleared your energy field of anything holding you back, you’ve reached a pretty true and affirmed version of yourself. Amplifying and honoring your best qualities will attract compatible opportunities and people into your life that the universe has lined up for you. Herkimer diamonds almost serve as a key to this divine plan, allowing you to tap in and access what is yours if you work hard enough at it. It is a stone of synchronicity, of magic, and of achieving the things you desire.

Often times, these changes can be drastic and even out of the blue – there needs to be a delicate balance of surrender and strength. You need to be willing to let go but also trust that through doing so, you invite and make room for what you desire.


In my opinion, the most important part you can play in manifestation (after identifying and asking for what you’d like to call in) is actually believing you have already manifested it. To visualize yourself having achieved these things, you are acknowledging that you are worthy and that you deserve everything you desire.

Herkimer diamonds integrate high frequency energy continuously, purifying and amplifying the energy of the space they are in, the stones they are next to, and the person using them (you don’t even have to be holding them!!) They are also good to use in dream work. Before bed you can ask to see the problems you need to overcome, or for some guidance on what is best for you, or even to see the future you in your happiest and truest state. Place the Herkimer under your pillow or mattress and dream away. I am an active dreamer and this works for me nearly every time.

I could go on about this stone forever and I am always learning more about their vast capabilities and pure magic but this is a solid amount of information for now!

key words: manifestation | transformation | awareness | action

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Thank you for tuning in to our third Mineral Monday! If you have any preferences on stones I should write about next or any general blog content you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to reach out to thecypruscabinet@gmail.com

learn more about our new Manifestation Mist  here

learn more about our new Manifestation Mist here

Me digging around for Herkimers in Herkimer County New York on my birthday this past summer!

Me digging around for Herkimers in Herkimer County New York on my birthday this past summer!

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Shop our triple Herkimer diamond ring here