The azaleas and lilacs have already come and gone but the green seems endless as the days are starting to really warm up in New England. I also had my aura photographed for the second time the other day (I promise it’s related but more on that later). This mineral monday is an extra magical pick and I am EXCITED to tell you all about it.

Prehnite is a somewhat rare stone — most of it coming from China and Africa but it can also be found in Australia, Scotland, and even in the United States!!! A lot of the rougher pieces in the right side of the very first image were mined by friends in Southbury, Connecticut!

I have been drawn to Prehnite since I started The Cyprus Cabinet and I see myself as a conduit for the universes will. Every step along the way of my journey over the last three and a half years I have been validated and assured that I am on the right path, doing the right work. I owe a lot of this spiritual surrender and learning how to lean in to the universe’s will to Prehnite.


I consider prehnite the healer’s healer. It has this ability to fill you back up no matter how drained you are. Prehnite is a perfect companion for the modern healer, teacher, parent, lover, friend. It is honestly just the perfect companion. Energy is currency and we spend A LOT of it without even knowing. Every ounce of energy that gets shared with the people, places, and things around us actually comes out of you. This is not a bad thing but it is important to make sure you compensate accordingly and remember to fill yourself back up.

Being able to clearly identify your needs and to actually fulfill them is something prehnite will nudge you to do, but you also need to meet it half way. If you are overworked and don’t take the time to rest your mind, body, and soul this stone is not pure magic and will not fix all your problems. BUT if you are overworked and you can identify that you need to take a personal day or even a night alone to yourself that is a step in the right direction. Even better if you can have some time of mindfulness — cook a healthy meal, brew an herbal tea, take a hot bath or shower, have a glass of wine, whatever it is that will metaphorically fill your cup back up.

It links will and desire to the heart, encouraging a sense of peace and assurance when it comes to understanding that the universe will bring you what you need and what you can handle. It is important to have trust and flexibility instead of fighting against that flow — lean into the will of the universe and let it guide you. Prehnite is a stone of releasing the ego and working up to a state of spiritual surrender where something bigger than you is at the wheel and you are gracefully, peacefully, and joyfully along for the ride!


The inherent chaos of our lives in this day and age is an easy distraction and an easy way to lose track of time. Who doesn’t find themselves rushing through something they have looked forward to just to get to the next thing? Our modern brains move a million miles a minute and Prehnite is here to SLOW YOU DOWN. There is a sense of presence and clarity that comes with it, grounding you in the current moment so that you can take it all in and truly absorb the beauty and goodness that is around you.

Prehnite has a way of activating the solar plexus and heart chakras to stimulate a divine connection that allows for heightened spiritual connection and downloads of information. It is spiritually charged to invite you into a space that goes beyond intuition and can only really be described as divine assistance. I have had realizations and connections come to me when working with Prehnite — often when specifically dealing with healing the energy of others. I have heard Prehnite be called the “reiki stone” for its clarity and ability to channel in the divine.

Last week I had my aura photographed for the second time. The first time was when I was only a year into my business and I was completely red and orange and yellow — colors of action, will power, challenge, playfulness, and dynamic energy. A couple years later I have had a complete transformation and I’d like to acknowledge the impact that the energy I am working with and sharing with you has some legitimate impacts on our energetic bodies. Green in the Radiant Human aura photograph is a color of healing, the heart, growth, adaptation, and long term awareness. The blues signify depth of feeling, trust, devotion, nurturing, and intuition. This is something I immediately can see in myself and in my path. It takes a lot of work — for me it involves unpacking past traumas, releasing negative thought patterns and actions, and really TRULY believing in the power of the universe. I surrender myself to its will and I urge you to consider doing the same.

Aura photographed May 23rd at the Whitney Museum by Radiant Human

Aura photographed May 23rd at the Whitney Museum by Radiant Human

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when you might want some Prehnite handy:

  • if you are feeling energetically drained because you shared it all with others

  • if you are having a hard time trusting that the universe leads the way and that you can never really have complete control

  • spiritual action! if there is something your heart desires to offer the world, you might just need a little ego release and spiritual surrender

Every day I like to address my collection and see if anything jumps out at me — if something does then I like to take a moment to think about its properties (often I refer to my crystal books or even a quick google is helpful). When I am able to resonate with the properties of a stone that has caught my attention, I am in tune with its energy and it is in tune with mine. This practice also helps you grow your working knowledge of the stones!! There is so much to it and it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you take it day by day, crystal by crystal, it comes to you.

Thank you for tuning in to Mineral Monday! If you have any preferences on stones I should write about next or any general blog content you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to reach out to thecypruscabinet@gmail.com