The first piece of jewelry I EVER electroformed was a vibrant piece of kyanite and my grandmother scooped it up from our etsy shop (our very first sale) three and a half years ago! Since I started working with minerals it has always stood out to me as a very distinct and independent energy. It wasn’t until I began studying their properties that I realized how powerful it actually is. Its crystalline structure looks a lot like selenite and you may think it would be fragile but it has a triclinic crystal structure with a hardness of 4.5 on one axis and 6-7 on the other. It forms in beautiful blade like pieces — often with quartz and mica because it is an aluminum silicate. It can be found abundantly in Brazil which is where most of our pieces come from but also forms in the USA, Mexico, South Africa, and Switzerland.


Kyanite is a stone of many properties but the one that I think everyone can benefit from is the powerful alignment. It works to identify, unblock, and clear any negative energy lingering in your chakras and in your aura. Some people, situations, or interactions will leave you with negative energy that is not yours to carry but you might end up doing so for longer than you need to. If you can identify some examples in your day to day that leave you with an unsettled feeling or even one of being out of balance you should get your hands on some kyanite.

It wants order and divine harmony so that you can clearly activate your higher chakras. When your channels are clear you will have an easier time tapping into your psychic abilities. Kyanite stimulates the third eye chakra and allows the mind to a operate at a higher capacity. Downloads of information from a higher source, telepathic communication between consenting parties, lucid dreaming, manifestation work, and more all become more fluid with the use of kyanite. The third eye activation also allows you to tap into your “inner vision” where you can gain insight about the situations you are faced with so that doubts and worry can be dispelled.

Kyanite is a very high vibration stone and transfers energy quickly. As some stones urge you to meet them halfway, kyanite will actually be comfortable taking the lead doing the unblocking for you to get high vibration energy pumping through your system. It can create new pathways of energy in places there were none, restructuring your energy field so that you can be protected and access your higher consciousness in peace. It raises your consciousness so that your mind, body, and soul can be fully aware and engaged not only while you are awake but while you are in all sleep states. Though it does a lot of the work for you, kyanite is still a stone of the mind and of thinking both actively and passively.

Outside of the individual, kyanite works to create energetic bridges between people. It can even help bring harmony to disharmonious relationships, situations, negotiations, etc. Wherever it senses energy is needed, energy will flow. Because of this, it is known to never need cleansing as it is working to clear all negativity instinctively. It can actually clear your other stones and bring harmony to them, often even enhancing the properties that each has to offer!!! This powerhouse of a stone has a limitless ability to draw energy in and keep it flowing, anyone who is open to having an activated mind should try and work with it at some point!


key words: alignment | balance | harmony | consciousness

when you might want some kyanite handy:

  • if you feel out of balance or tend to hang on to other peoples emotions and energy

  • for someone who lacks direction and purpose, it will work to align all of ones skills, knowledge, and interests to provide insight on possible options.

  • to aid in all psychic activity mentioned before, it activates those higher chakras to let information and energy flow freely

Every day I like to address my collection and see if anything jumps out at me — if something does then I like to take a moment to think about its properties (often I refer to my crystal books or even a quick google is helpful). When I am able to resonate with the properties of a stone that has caught my attention, I am in tune with its energy and it is in tune with mine. This practice also helps you grow your working knowledge of the stones!! There is so much to it and it is easy to get overwhelmed. If you take it day by day, crystal by crystal, it comes to you.

Thank you for tuning in to Mineral Monday! If you have any preferences on stones I should write about next or any general blog content you would like to see, please don’t hesitate to reach out to thecypruscabinet@gmail.com